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Pursuing financial freedom by applying to scholarships helps to take care of the “future you.” That may include the you that does not want to work for extra cash during the school year, or the you that cannot find employment right away. Throughout your four years of high school, you can accumulate scholarships, and in most cases, pocket the balance of the bounty once the tuition obligation is met.

Imagine your ease when you know you have spending money during your first few months of college freshman year, and your leisure to find a job that interests you. How? Begin now. Create time during your week to apply to a variety of scholarships. The earlier you begin applying for scholarships, the greater the sense of peace you will feel regarding paying for college.

Scholarships often require a student to write an essay. These possible essays will flow freely from your thoughts when your mind is not weighted with financial concerns. Other scholarships may require a portfolio of art work. These portfolios will express your true talents when created during a time when your mind can focus on your sense of art and not tuition deposits.

On this page I will provide you with resources regarding Scholarships. My hope is to piece meal the information to you to help you process it and allow you to discover possible connections to your interests.

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