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Delighted: to be of Light

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March 2013
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There have been moments in my life when I could not understand my Purpose…when life felt meaningless. As a teenager, and even as an adult, times arose when I would question my existence. Life just did not go as I had planned.

Then, one night…when I was on the cusp of 47 and bravely single… I attended a Cancer benefit and ran into a guy whose band had just finished performing there.

He was a person whom I knew from a distance, in my past…the cute older brother of my younger sister’s friend.

(He said to me.

I have never told anyone this…until now


I have this soundboard tape


When my band played a show

at the Dulaney Inn in Towson…

you remember that place?…


I still listen to it all of the time


when I am feeling low…

there is this one part where

We covered the Dead’s Sugaree…

I jammed on the keyboard

You know that keyboard section?….in Sugaree? The one that really gets going?….

Well…I always hit play, rewind, play rewind

on that part of the tape

Cause that night

When I finished jamming

You were in the audience and

You shouted out

Kirk, you are the MAN!


And it has always makes me feel good…still does.)

Now I understand.


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