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  • Steer, Not Control March 31, 2014
    Another short post to share intuitive guidance that came through me this morning. This message is for anyone who has been waiting for something for extended periods of time and feels that you have met your end of the bargain and done all the “right things.” Yet, it still eludes you, and you are frustrated […]
  • Compassion March 11, 2014
    This morning, I did my visioning practice to tune into guidance for what to remember this week. I’m still in the midst of navigating a rather bumpy segment of my journey and finding myself sorely disappointed with how often I slip into fear and ego, getting easily agitated and ready to snap at anyone for […]
  • Honoring Life February 3, 2014
    Since the start of this blog, my commitment to you, my readers, have always been to be authentic. That’s why you often read about my in-process experiences and struggles as I was going through them, not after the fact. In maintaining the same spirit of authenticity, I’m posting a short note here to let you […]
Realize that now, in this moment of time, you are creating. You are creating your next moment based on what you are feeling and thinking. That is what’s real.
Doc Childre

Hello! Are you interested in making the most out of your high school experience? Are you looking for more than the competitive edge?

Take a moment and consider a holistic approach to the college admission’s process….one that celebrates the discovery of Self as well as the acceptance into the college of your choice.

My philosophy is that the journey to college is intrinsically intertwined with the journey to your Self.  Freshman year to senior year is the time in which you,  the student, and you, the human being will consciously create your future.

The scholarly aspect of your path will lead you to academic specializations and opportunities  in topics that will enrich your interests and allow you to build your future; while the nurturing aspect will develop your sense of Self, your inner clarity, your awareness, and your ability to direct your life to whatever path you desire.

Understanding that you create your future through your thoughts and your actions allows you to fluidly map your course and will empower your sense of Self. Imagine being able to move forward in your life with self confidence and faith in your dreams; now make it happen.

Now is the time to allow your feelings to guide you….not define you….but guide you. Allow me to help you to consider and to learn how to release your fears and worries and use them as tools to open doors to amazing challenges and opportunities that will expand your knowledge and clarify the path to your dreams and ambitions.


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